Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack

No matter how many times you play a game, if you don’t have the necessary tips and secret winning strategies, you may not improve. The more Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack at your disposal the better for you.

You need to have as many tips as possible. You will be able to use them against your enemies and you will also be able to identify any of the tricks if it is being used against you. You will be able to counter it easily. Here are a few useful tips for the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack.

Build your tank characters more

First of all you need to identify your tank characters. They are the ones that have the abilities to taunt enemies. They attract enemies’ attention and take a lot of attacks. They are meant to be used as a diversionary tool. They are used to divert enemies’ attention from your strongholds to themselves. During the time enemies concentrate on them, they (enemies) will be exposed to your own attacks. So, you need to give your tank characters higher priority for upgrades and experience boosters.

Identify more useful characters and train them more

You need to find out the 20 percent of the characters that can contribute 80 percent to your success in the game. Once you identify the very useful ones, you need to train them more than others. Give them priority during upgrades too. Your tank characters should be among them. If necessary invest all the generated resources of the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack on them. You can then go back to the online generator and just use it again.


Test and study every character

You cannot confidently say you are making use of the best characters if you don’t take the time to test every character and all their capabilities. Instead, most players prefer to use the ones they understand until a particular character is used against them and it exhibits a strange capability. That is when they will now go back to study that particular character.

Take tutorials seriously

A lot of players are not always patient enough to finish tutorials before they begin to play the game. They will rather learn along as they play. If you did, you have missed a lot. Tutorials may not give you secret tips and tricks but it will boost your understanding of the game. These tricks were developed by fellow players who have taken the time to understand the game so well. You may never come up with your own trick if you lay a foundation of poor understanding by shunning tutorials.

Darth Vader is necessary

Whether you believe it or not, your party is not complete without the almighty Darth Vader. Try to complete every main achievement in the game. This will earn you the 80 shards you need to add Vader to your team or simply earn them by using the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack.

Watch as many tutorials as you can

It is not enough to learn from only your own mistakes. If you see anybody playing the game and you have the time, watch it for a while. You might learn one or two tricks. You could also ask a couple of questions from the player.